Muscle growth

One of the biggest mistakes that most beginners make when they are just starting out weight training is taking the advice from advanced bodybuilders and copying the routines out of bodybuilding magazines.

muscle mass

Copying the routines out of magazines is not the way to go if you have very little to no weight training experience. Just because some bodybuilders are able to put on a large amount of muscle mass following a certain routine, does not mean that you'll be able to duplicate their gains.

Many different factors will influence how fast and how effectively you'll be able to put on muscle mass. Everyone has different genetics, thus every body does not respond the same to weight training.

Regardless of whether you're an ectomorph hardgainer or you have pretty decent muscle building genetics, by following the muscle growth tips that I've outlined below, you'll be able to increase your muscle mass and strength within the upcoming weeks.

1. Focus on getting stronger on every exercise every week - The more you strength you gain, the more muscle you'll be able to build. Focus on increasing your strength in the 3 major lifts: The Bench Press, the Squat and the Deadlift. With consistent weekly weight training sessions, your strength should increase by about 5% every week within your first few months of training.

2. Push yourself hard in the gym and train with intensity to stimulate muscle growth - Always try to do either more repetitions or increase your weights slightly on every exercise every week. Building muscle mass is all about stressing your muscles to the max at every workout, and training with intensity is the best way to accomplish that. The more stress you put on your muscles, the more they'll grow.

3. Focus on compound exercises - Bench presses, squats and deadlifts must be a part of your routine if you wish to pack on muscle mass fast. These exercises are also called "compound" movements because they involve more than one muscle group at a time. Once you master these movements, your muscle mass will naturally increase.

4. Train legs every week - The most important part of your body are your legs. Most people simply train their arms and chest and think they are done. But what about your legs? Your legs need to be strong as well. Nobody likes looking at a guy who has skinny looking legs and an enormous chest. Leg training is difficult and painful, but it's also the most beneficial when it comes to building more muscle on your entire body as leg training has been proven in studies to increase your testosterone and growth hormone levels significantly.

5.Get enough rest & sleep - Spending an entire day at the gym will quickly lead to overtraining and exhaustion. Even worse, you can end up losing muscle mass if you train too long and too often. Make sure that you take at least 1 day off in-between training days and strive to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night. Rest is an often overlooked part of the muscle growth process, but if you want to pack on some serious muscle size and strength quickly, rest and sleep are absolutely critical.

Muscle growth


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